Welding LPG tankers the ESAB way

by Ben Altemühl, editor of Svetsaren, interviewing Stocznia Gdynia production management

ESAB is supplying the Gdynia Yard with a complete consumables package for welding gas tanks in NV 2-4 low-temperature steel.

Stocznia Gdynia

Visiting this immense shipyard, located in the Baltic port of Gdynia, and witnessing the enormous activity, the title of the national anthem automatically springs to mind, “Jeszcze Polska nie zgine,≥a”– “Still Poland is not lost”.

The history of the Gdynia shipyard, founded in 1922, is associated in many ways with the 20th century misery and uprising of the Polish nation as a whole. It was establsihed in the roaring twenties with ship repairs and was as hard hit as Poland itself by the Great Depression that was soon to follow, smothering any attempt to transform itself into a fully-fledged new building yard. It would take a series of bankruptcies and re-starts under new ownership before, at the end of the thirties, the first Gdynia-designed ships slid off the slipway.

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