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Use Undermatching Weld Metal Where Advantageous

Practical Ideas for the Design Professional by Duane K. Miller, P.E.

How Strong Does a Weld Have To Be?

The answer is fairly simple: strong enough to transfer the loads that are passed between the two interconnected materials. How strong does the weld metal have to be? The answer to that question is far more complex.

In order to make a weld of sufficient size, the designer has three variables that can be changed to affect the weld strength:

• weld length;

• weld throat, and;

• weld metal strength.

Since three variables are involved, there are many combinations that are suitable for obtaining the correct weld strength. It may be necessary to also consider the loads imposed on the base metal to ensure that the complete welded joint has sufficient strength. This edition of “Design File” will focus on the variable of weld metal strength.

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